Volume19, Issue38

September 20, 2023


A 3-Fluoropyridine Manipulating the Aggregation and Fibril Network of Donor Polymers for Eco-Friendly Solution-Processed Versatile Organic Solar Cells (Small 38/2023)

In article number 2301803, Doo Kyung Moon and co-workers propose asymmetric 3-fluoropyridine unit to control the aggregation and fibril network of three polymer blends for utilizing organic solar cells, semitransparent-organic solar cells (OSCs), and indoor-OSCs towards commercially viable OSC applications. This study provides crucial insights for realizing eco-friendly, efficient, and stable OSCs/ST-OSCs/I-OSCs based on one material.

  • Sung Jae Jeon
  • Nam Gyu Yang
  • Ji Youn Kim
  • Ye Chan Kim
  • Hyoung Seok Lee
  • Doo Kyung Moon


Image created by minjeong Kim / Nanosphere