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Volume30, Issue11
March 10, 2020

Plasmonic–Catalytic Nanomaterials: Plasmon‐Induced Hot Carrier Separation across Dual Interface in Gold–Nickel Phosphide Heterojunction for Photocatalytic Water Splitting

 co‐workers present a bottom‐up wet chemical approach to synthesize Au/Ni2P heterostructures via Pt‐catalyzed quasi‐epitaxial overgrowth of Ni on Au nanorods. The structural motif of the Ni2P (controlled by the outershell deposition of Ni) helps to manipulate hot electron transfer during surface plasmon decay.

  • Indranil Mondal
  • Hyunhwa Lee
  • Heeyoung Kim
  • Jeong Young Park


Image created by minjeong Kim / Nanosphere