Wiley_Small Structures


Wiley_Small Structures

Volume5, Issue6

June 2024


Progress and Perspectives on Lithium Metal Powder for Rechargeable Batteries

In article number 2300476, Sun-Yul Ryou, Yong Min Lee, and co-workers report a process wherein liquid lithium metal is dropped into a solution, which is then cooled to form lithium metal powder. This interaction with the functional solution creates an electrochemically superior surface due to lithium’s reactivity, optimizing it for battery applications and improving performance and safety.

  • Cyril Bubu Dzakpasu
  • Dongyoon Kang
  • Dongyoung Kim
  • Myunggeun Song
  • Dahee Jin
  • Sun-Yul Ryou
  • Yong Min Lee


Image created by minjeong Kim / Nanosphere