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Volume20, Issue22

May 29, 2024


Photo-Assisted Ferroelectric Domain Control for α-In2Se3 Artificial Synapses Inspired by Spontaneous Internal Electric Fields (Small 22/2024)

In article number 2307346, Kanghoon Yim, Young-Jun Yu, and co-workers demonstrate white-light illuminated α-In2Se3 ferroelectric field effect transistors for efficient synaptic memory operation. By spontaneous Fermi level regulation of α-In2Se3 with photogenerated electron-hole pairs, the strengthened built-in electric field within an α-In2Se3 channel allows the superior recognition accuracy of artificial neural networks. This advancement could be invaluable in the forthcoming era of artificial neuromorphic computing.

  • Seok-Ju Kang
  • Wonzee Jung
  • Oh Hun Gwon
  • Han Seul Kim
  • Hye Ryung Byun
  • Jong Yun Kim
    Seo Gyun Jang
  • BeomKyu Shin
  • Ojun Kwon
  • Byungjin Cho
  •  Kanghoon Yim
  • Young-Jun Yu