ACS_Applied Materials & Interfaces


March 27, 2024

Volume 16, Issue 12

Pages 14385-15648

Multiresonant Selective Emitter with Enhanced Thermal Management for Infrared Camouflage

Tailoring the optical properties of metamaterials is crucial for improving the performance of infrared (IR) applications. Generally, IR camouflage materials are required to have low IR-emission properties for the detected bands (3–5 and 8–12 μm), in which IR detection is accomplished. However, the heat residue by suppressed thermal radiation degrades the thermal dissipation capacity and thermal stability of IR camouflage materials. Herein, a multilayer metal–dielectric–metal (MDM) selective emitter with high IR-emission performance in the undetected band for thermal management and low IR-emission performance in the detected band for IR camouflage is introduced. Compared to a conventional selective emitter and a low-emission material (Au film), the multiresonance selective emitter exhibited 125 and 2910% increases in heat dissipation within the undetected band, respectively. In addition, the proposed camouflage material exhibited a substantial reduction in emissive energy within the detected bands of 3–5 and 8–12 μm, with reductions of 72 and 83%, respectively, compared to that of a high-emission surface. The effectiveness of our IR camouflage was demonstrated by IR camera measurements. When the surface temperature was 360 K, the radiance temperatures of the multilayer multipeak selective emitter were 314 and 309 K for the 3–5 and 8–12 μm bands, respectively. Thermal management experiments demonstrated the enhanced thermal stability of the multiresonance selective emitter, especially in conditions of low pressure and high heat flux, when compared to that of the low-emissivity film. This work provides a practical strategy to enhance the thermal emission of a selective emitter, expanding its potential beyond IR camouflage to various energy applications

  • Joon-Soo Lim
  • Namkyu Lee
  • Taehwan Kim
  • Injoong Chang
  • Juyeong Nam
  • Hyung Hee Cho