Volume20, Issue11

March 15, 2024


Enhanced Electrochemical Stability and Extended Cycle Life in Sulfide-Based All-Solid-State Batteries: The Role of Li10SnP2S12 Coating on Ni-Rich NCM Cathode (Small 11/2024)

In article number 2305758, Sangcheol Nam, Ohmin Kwon, and co-workers explored the stability of Li10SnP2S12 (LSnPS) at high potential. An LSnPS core-shell structured cathode material was fabricated on the surface of a high-capacity electrode using a low-cost and environmentally friendly mechano-fusion method. By employing this strategy, an outstanding all-solid-state battery with superior characteristics, such as high capacity and extended cycle life, was achieved.

  • Yongsun Park
  • Joon Ha Chang
  • Gwangseok Oh
  •  A-young Kim
  • Hansen Chang
  • Mahir Uenal
  • Sangcheol Nam
  • Ohmin Kwon


Image created by minjeong Kim / Nanosphere