Volume20, Issue9

March 1, 2024


Magnetic Lateral Ladder for Unidirectional Transport of Microrobots: Design Principles and Potential Applications of Cells-on-Chip (Small 9/2024)

In article number 2305528, Byeonghwa Lim, CheolGi Kim, and co-workers introduced a novel approach to address challenges in controlling functionalized microrobots. By using an asymmetric magnetic texture resembling a lateral ladder, termed the “railway-track,” precise unidirectional movement is achieved, enabling versatile microrobot manipulation in cells-on-chip platform. This concept allows for complex tasks, like targeted collection, controlled transport, and local mixing, advancing micro-robotics beyond traditional magnetic field-based control methods.

  • Abbas Ali
  • Hyeonseol Kim
  • Sri Ramulu Torati
  • Yumin Kang
  • Venu Reddy
  • Keonmok Kim
  • Jonghwan Yoon
  • Byeonghwa Lim
  • CheolGi Kim


Image created by minjeong Kim / Nanosphere