Volume19, Issue47

November 22, 2023


Phase-dependent Friction on Exfoliated Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Atomic Layers

In article number 2302713, Yong-Hyun Kim, Jeong Young Park, and co-workers report the phase-dependent friction of metal dichalcogenides atomic layers. Friction force microscopy studies on exfoliated transition metal dichalcogenides atomic layers reveal that the distorted 1T′ phase of both MoS2 and MoTe2 exhibits ≈10 times higher friction compared to the hexagonal 2H phase. The study highlights the potential for controlling the nanotribological properties through phase transition.

  • Dooho Lee
  • Hochan Jeong
  • Hyunsoo Lee
  • Yong-Hyun Kim
  • Jeong Young Park


Image created by minjeong Kim / Nanosphere