Wiley_Small Science


Volume3, Issue10

October 2023


Interfaces in Atomic Layer Deposited Films: Opportunities and Challenges

Between atomic layers deposited (ALD) interfaces, several fascinating phenomena occur that lead to favorable nanomaterial characteristics. The utilization of these interfacial phenomena can considerably impact electronic applications. In article number 2300060, Syed Jazib Abbas Zaidi, Tae Joo Park, and co-workers review the opportunities and challenges pertaining to 2D electron gas channels, high-k layers, 2D layered structures, lattice matching and seeding layers, elements of which are highlighted on the cover.

  • Syed Jazib Abbas Zaidi
  • Jae Chan Park
  • Ji Won Han
  • Ji Hyeon Choi
  • Muhammad Aanish Ali
  • Muhammad Abdul Basit
  • Tae Joo Park


Image created by minjeong Kim / Nanosphere