August 16

2023Volume 10

Issue 8Pages 2440-2993

High-Resolution Multicolor Patterning of InP Quantum Dot Films by Atomic Layer Deposition of ZnO

This paper presents the high-resolution (>2000 PPI) multicolor patterning of InP quantum dot films using a conventional photolithography process with a positive photoresist (PR). The solvent resistance of the quantum dot (QD) film is achieved by depositing an ultrathin ZnO layer through atomic layer deposition. This is different from previous studies, which lack high-resolution patterning or compatibility with indium phosphide (InP) QDs owing to chemical weaknesses. By employing a positive PR with a photoacid generator, the side-by-side patterning process yields multicolor patterns of red- and green-colored InP-based QDs. Additionally, the stacking of each color QD film is achieved. The patterning process can be used to fabricate QD light-emitting diode devices without degrading their performance. This process can be used not only for thin (<100 nm) QD films, which are used in QD-LED devices, but also for thick (>1 μm) QD films, which can be used in the color-conversion layer with a backlight.

  • Joon Yup Lee
  • Eun A Kim
  • Yeongho Choi
  • Jisu Han
  • Donghyo Hahm
  • Doyoon Shin
  • Wan Ki Bae
  • Jaehoon Lim
  • Seong-Yong Cho