Wiley_Advanced Science


Wiley_Advanced Science

Volume10, Issue22

August 4, 2023


Carbon Nanocluster-Mediated Nanoblending Assembly for Binder-Free Energy Storage Electrodes with High Capacities and Enhanced Charge Transfer Kinetics (Adv. Sci. 22/2023)

In article number 2301248, Yongmin Ko, Jinhan Cho, and co-workers provide a fundamental view on clearly understanding the relationship between interfacial interaction/structures and charge transfer kinetics in energy storage electrodes. The homogeneous spatial distribution and arrangement of conductive carbon nanoclusters within neighboring metal oxide nanoparticles enable facile charge transport and exceptional performance in binder-free lithium-ion battery electrodes.

  • Yongkwon Song
  • Woojin Bae
  • Jeongyeon Ahn
  • Youhyun Son
  • Minseong Kwon
  • Cheong Hoon Kwon
  • Younghoon Kim
  • Yongmin Ko
  • Jinhan Cho


Image created by minjeong Kim / Nanosphere