Wiley_Advanced Science


Wiley_Advanced Science

Volume10, Issue21

July 27, 2023


Surface-Confined Ultra-Low Scale Pd Engineered Layered Co(OH)2 toward High-Performance Hydrazine Electrooxidation in Alkaline Saline Water

In article number 2300639, Swagotom Sarker, Ji Hoon Choi, Hyung Koun Cho, and co-workers reveal the hydrazine and Pd-dependent morphological evolution of Co(OH)2 and its Pd hybrids into nanoparticulate form. They uncover that the ultra-low scale Pd confined on the Co(OH)2 surface is a competent catalyst to synergistically enhance hydrazine oxidation reaction (HzOR) in both alkaline and alkaline saline electrolytes as an alternative to the conventional oxygen evolution reaction (OER) and the corrosive chlorine oxidation reaction (ClOR).

  • Swagotom Sarker
  • Ji Hoon Choi
  • Hak Hyeon Lee
  • Dong Su Kim
  • Hyung Koun Cho