ACS_Nano Letters


ACS_Nano Letters

April 12,2023

Volume 23

Issue 7Pages 2443-3106


Gate-Tunable Electrostatic Friction of Grain Boundary in Chemical-Vapor-Deposited MoS2

Two-dimensional (2D) semiconducting materials, such as MoS2, are widely studied owing to their great potential in advanced electronic devices. However, MoS2 films grown using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) exhibit lower-than-expected properties owing to numerous defects. Among them, grain boundary (GB) is a critical parameter that determines electrical and mechanical properties of MoS2. Herein, we report the gate-tunable electrostatic friction of GBs in CVD-grown MoS2. Using atomic force microscopy (AFM), we found that electrostatic friction of MoS2 is generated by the Coulomb interaction between tip and carriers of MoS2, which is associated with the local band structure of GBs. Therefore, electrostatic friction is enhanced by localized charge carrier distribution at GB, which is linearly related to the loading force of the tip. Our study shows a strong correlation between electrostatic friction and localized band structure in MoS2 GB, providing a novel method for identifying and characterizing GBs of polycrystalline 2D materials. 

  • Jae Hwan Jeong
  • Yeonjoon Jung
  • Jang-Ung Park
  • Gwan-Hyoung Lee

Image created by minjeong Kim / Nanosphere