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Wiley_Advanced Materials Technologies

Volume8, Issue1

January 10, 2023


High-Performance Nanostructured Flexible Capacitor by Plasma-Induced Low-Temperature Atomic Layer Annealing (Adv. Mater. Technol. 1/2023)

In article number 2201134, Jong G. Ok, Jihwan An, and co-workers demonstrate simple yet effective two-fold strategies to directly fabricate flexible thin film capacitors on polymer substrate: the crystallization of high-k TiO2 film by plasma-assisted atomic layer annealing at low temperature of 80 °C on nanostructured polycarbonate substrates fabricated by simple dynamic nanoinscribing technique, which results in the flexible capacitor of the record-high capacitance density (24.2 nF/mm2) with mechanical stability.

  • Jaehyeong Lee
  • Dohyun Go
  •  Useung Lee
  • Seunghyeon Lee
  • Keun Hoi Kim
  •  Jeong Woo Shin
  • Hyein Kim
  • Jong G. Ok
  • Jihwan An

High‐Performance Nanostructured Flexible Capacitor by Plasma‐Induced Low‐Temperature Atomic Layer Annealing (Adv. Mater. Technol. 1/2023) - Lee - 2023 - Advanced Materials Technologies - Wiley Online Library

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